Saltwater Pond (Acoustic)

by PuddleFalls

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released October 7, 2014



all rights reserved


PuddleFalls Oak Lawn, Illinois

We're a band from Oak Lawn. Sometimes we make music.

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Track Name: Thoughts (Acoustic)
This water holds a secret
That no one else can keep
No telling what it means yet
We'll just have to wait and see
And if its nothing major
I'll just smoke these thoughts away
Otherwise, i'll jump in and sink away

I don't have any answers
But what if they're inside of me
I'll die trying to find them
That or i'll be truly free
And if it couldn't happen
Then i'll just go to sleep
And pretend that it's all just a dream
'Cause that's my own reality
It's not that different from you and me
So i'll just go and dream myself to sleep
Track Name: The Money Song (Acoustic)
My money buys guitar strings and cigarettes
And good times that i'll forget
And fast food for my empty stomach
One day, i'll be penny-less
But i think i'll be happiest without that penny to my name
I can't say that i earned it
Honestly, i probably stole it
I can't say i feel bad
But i cant tell you that i'm over it yet

There's no point in wasting paper
To get things that we don't need
I hate how the money system changed the way that people think
It changed how people were equal
Changed the way that people lived
It made the poor wish they were dead
And made the rich not want to give and help a friend

So when i'm walking down the street
And i can see that homeless man
You best believe i'll give him all my change
And bum him a cigarette 'cause we won't be that different
I just hope i have four walls
A room, a van, a garbage bin, even a bathroom stall
It's all the same

A place to stay
Track Name: Get Through (Acoustic)
I swear to god i'm overreacting
And all your words don't mean a goddamn thing
If there's a hint of truth that's good enough for me

But i gotta get through, get through to you

I swear to god i'm so cold that i can't breathe
And it's because your'e right here next to me
Will you go home we'll have to wait and see

But i gotta get through, get through to you
Track Name: Lately (Acoustic)
Lately i've been checking out
Thinking this is all but helpful
Wondering, why do i exist
I don't want to waste your time i'll get right to the point
i don't know who the hell i am anymore

Am i someone who's respected?
Am i someone people hate?
Do i regret all my decisions, every single day?
Am i happy? Am i sad?
Do i live with my friend dan?
Do i miss the times i've never even had

Lately i've been laying in the grass all afternoon
Thinking to myself, what am i to do?
About the voices in my head, and all the things that people said
And hoping, they don't end up being true

Lately i wake up and i go right back to sleep
Why get out of bed, if i don't think i should?
Although it may sound cynical
Believe me i would do something with my life
If i thought i could
Track Name: Mentally Ill (Acoustic)
Get away from me i'm on my ledge again
Waiting to see if today's the end
Wanting but not wishing ofr
Everything i can't ignore
My life's been in a blur for a while now

I watch as people pass right beneath my feet
Complaining about our pointless lives
Been coming here for years its all the same to me
Seeing all the stupid shit they try
Give me one good reason and i wont be back again
If i'm gone tomorrow, it's all yours my friends
Forget being responsible
The times are changing that i know
What i don't is if i can handle that

He took that leap of faith about a year ago last week
Pushed his luck just one too many times
Puts that paper in his mouth
And it was all downhill from there
He saw a plane and thought that he could fly
Track Name: I'm Doing Fine (Acoustic)
I need another cigarette to smoke away the thoughts i have
Maybe then the pain will go away
And then i'll lay awake in bed and think of all the promises
And all the times you told me you would stay

Give me time i swear i'll bury all the memories
i'm told, that time is all it takes
One more night i'll stare off into oblivion
But by then it just might be too late

I'm working on my self control and not because you told me so
Because i thought that i could use some help
It turns out that i was mislead 'cause all that shits inside my head
What helped a lot is how you ran away

Why right now do you decide to come and creep back in
I'm done with all your fucking mind games
It's okay you can share the blame with me
Our past made me a prison in my brain
Track Name: Train Tracks (Acoustic)
Some days i wish the train would get here early
Other days i wish it'd be on time
And as the locomotive passes right above the rusted track
It's time to hitch a ride or end mine

The second that i pick up this guitar
Is the moment that you hang up the phone
And my vocal chords have seemed to form
A pathological i'm sorry

Well i'm stuck inside a lifeless body
With what most people would call a brain
It's the same thing that
My roommate in the hospital told me made us insane

If you want me to stay
Let's talk grab a bottle off the shelf
And i'll tell you something different that
You didn't already know about yourself